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My Thoughts on Energy and Energy Systems (new-energy.thcal.com)

In this section, I have included the optimization of methods of acquiring "new energy". I propose that this be done through legislation as a "new energy policy" for the country.
** Through this legislation, we declare our CLAIM to "new energy" principally through

1) Energy-Efficient design and Energy-Efficiency projects. I have included
        here suggestions
    * * for elements that would be included in legislation,
    * * for an energy efficiency project for the heart of the Makati's commercial district,
    * * for engineering design assumptions for systems and for equipment that deal with
        renewable energy,
    * * for policy on innovators and the country's outlook towards them, and
    * * for an implementable OFF-GRID or Decentralized Energy System (DES) Plan
        that is drawn up for the remote villages of the pacific ocean side of
        extreme northern Luzon.

2) An Agri-Based plan for new energy implementations that harvest energy from the
        environment (renewable energy).

    ** thcalasanz channel on YouTube
        (I am currently working on a technical presentation of my Hybrid-Electric design)

    ** Energy Efficiency Slide Show on YouTube.

    ** Text of the Slide Show.

    ** "new energy" - proposed model for human communities - - -
            a model prepared for the a set of villages at the pacific ocean side of
            extreme northern luzon.

    ** Energy Optimization, Concepts, Practice, and Action Plans.
    ** a draft of the The Renewable Energy Bill, presented to the
        Philippine Congress in 2005. I have inserted my comments into the text,
        while preserving the original working draft.








for Braille


My Advocacy for Braille Literacy.

      ====> The Braille Literacy Classroom on YouTube

      ====> The Braille Literacy Classroom on Power Point

      ====> The Braille Literacy Classroom on PDF

Affordable Braille Classroom System - The blind is provided with resources to

o write and edit his own manuscript.
o access to sources of knowledge available on the web.
o each blind student can independently access different directories.

o only ONE low-cost midrange computer provides 5 keyboards and
        5 refreshable braille displays for 5 students, with a sighted teacher
        having own keyboard and display monitor
o the midrange computers can be networked in such a way that each
        computer will serve 5 students.

o FOR FREE - hardware schematics and the program will be provided to
        interested parties, and the operating system, Vector Linux, is
        also available as open source OS on the internet. Schematics use
        off-the-shelf chips so that they can be easily fabricated by
        anyone, with low level skills, in the developed and the
        developing economies.

This is a step towards the blind assuming a more effective
        leadership roles in the community.


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