Pluggable and

Grid Feedback Ready, too!

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Invention of a

hybrid-electric vehicle

designed for heavy, slow

start and stop

traffic conditions

My Hybrid Vehicle for the Automotive Industry

First Run
3-phase Power

First Run on 3-phase Power

1 - The sequence of pictures below were been taken during the hybrid's first "electric" run on the ground. The controls are at the test bench and power is conveyed to the vehicle using a royal cord.

2 - It is driven by a 3-Phase motor that takes its power from a 3-Phase Variable Frequency Variable Voltage Sinusoidal Inverter.

First Run
Engine Power

First Run on Engine Power

1 - The sequence of pictures below were been taken during the vehicle's first run on the ground on engine only.

2 - The shape and bearing of the vehicle sends the message that this is one that is different from the conventional.

3 - Notice the happiness of the team after its first test run.

sinusoidal VFI

3-phase sinusoidal V F I
  • sinusoidal variable frequency, variable voltage, 3-phase power inverter (design accomodates any number of phases)
  • the protection system is designed for line-to-ground, and line-to-line faults, as well as over-current surges
  • the motherboard is the same for low to high voltage DC inputs and for low to very high power applications
  • the first power sinusoid (86.6% efficiency) was generated on 06 Oct 2003

Battery Manager

High Voltage Battery Charger
  • an intelligent battery charger that the controls charging and discharging currents of the batteries based on amount of charge
  • each of the series-connected batteries are protected from over-charging and from deep discharge
  • the system automatically ramps down or shuts down the load to protect from deep discharge

Controller / Dispatcher

Controller and Load Dispatcher
  • a general-purpose controller/dispatcher that can be installed in any hybrid-electric automobile.
  • it is especially suited for use in retrofit projects for small and large passenger buses.

Mechanical Drives

Mechanical Drives
  • the driver of the vehicle will use manual controls using the traditional clutch pedal, transmission, accelerator, etc.
  • the operation of the electronic and computer controllers happens in the background