• We do what we want, and enjoy doing them.

  • In the process, we learn computer interfacing
    and electronics.

  • Project Cycle -

  • end specs, plan and establish milestones, design and build, check milestones, performance and acceptance tests, as-built documentation, and project turnover

  • Applied Behavioral Principles -

  • Freedom to Think, Theory Z, Signature, Ownership, Motivation, Milestones, and Human Interaction


  • Management of the Learning Process

    1. Teachers are active participants, not only in the students' learning process, but also in their own.
    2. They assume the role of facilitators and resource persons.
    3. Methodology combines current behavioral science practices and implement them within the platform of the learning environment of the Ateneo.



  • Making "friends" with our house.
  • Conventional jobs done the "unconventional" way?
  • Making technology work for our fellowmen?









  • Making technology work for our fellowmen?
    • - sa-s012 ECG Analysis and Simulation

      - ic-i005 Voice-Controlled Hospital Bed