Proportional-Integral-Differential and the Firing Circuit
Ateneo de Manila University | 1st Semester 2006-2007
5th Year Electronics and Communications Engineering Students
Course: ELC151 | Instructor: T. H. Calasanz | Project Coordinator: Cathy Favorito

Table of Contents:

I.     Introduction: The P-I-D
by Luigi Onglao and EJ Gallarde

II.    Set Point and LDR Feedback
by Neil Castillo, Agustin Reyes, Kim Bartolome and Real Mame

III.   P-I-D and Summer Circuits
by Raphaela Barba, Claire Tiamzon, Kristel Biliran, Jodison Yacaba and Arlan-z Escalante

IV.   Firing Circuit
        by Ron Jowell Solis, Stephen Cate, Raymond Garcia, Jonas Mapile, Gimel Tomines, Hazel Fernandez, Danniel Sunga, Ryan Ang and Jose Dalino

Appendix A: Reference Schematics used for the Experiment
        The Complete P-I-D Circuit (Labeled)
        The Complete Firing Circuit 

Appendix B:
    The P-I-D
    Set Point and LDR Feedback
    P-I-D and Summer Circuits  

    Zero-Crossing to Ramp
    The Thyristor and the Firing Circuit
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