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The Computer Interfacing Course (CE-150) produced the SCADA Project. Two papers on the project were presented to the First ECE Conference held on December 1 and 2, 2000. We are conveying our heartfelt thanks to the head, the faculty, and the staff of the ECCE Department for their encouragement.

The first, entitled "A Pedagogical Reflection" describes an implementation of a student-centered education philosophy. This paper is one of those which received a "Dean's Award for Teaching Innovation". View the "People are Process" poster and its caption.

The second describes the technical aspects of the project and the paper is entitled
"The Ateneo SCADA Project - Automation of Room F-311" and was introduced by the author at the conference and provided its conclusion. Thereafter, each of the students took turns to explain their respective modules. No kind word could adequately capture the beauty of the human interaction, motivation, and creativity that went into their working style. Sonny and Sally deserve special acknowledgement for their very valuable support roles.
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