---- My Teaching Philosophy ----

The classroom is the platform for the growth of human beings.

Teachers manage this platform by facilitating the
creation of an environment, where the human being’s
"freedom to think" is unleashed and enhanced.

Elements of Innovative Teaching
"Freedom to Think"

The classroom is a platform for the growth of human beings.
Teachers/Facilitators facilitate the creation of an environment where "freedom to think" is unleashed and enhanced.

"Theory Z"

A group performs best if they participate in all the aspects of the decision-making process and in the implementation and coordination of a project.


Each person wants to be part of a successful project and 'affixes' his signature so to say to it.

"Ownership & Accountability"

Each person or group wants to be accountable for everything about a project, its success or its failure


The rate of learning with respect to time directly affects motivation


Milestones and time-frames are incorporated, in order to provide the participants with an appreciation into their own progress.

"Human Interaction"

The professional workplace requires tight and effective coordination and personal networking.