Industry Applications
Active RF-ID

these inexpensive "real-time" rf-tags can be deployed in a factory as sensors to monitor process variables and telemeter them to the control room - wireless! it may also be used for retrieving stream flow in a watershed, or the temperatures of critical locations in a crude-oil pipeline, or the contents of delivery trucks and their approximate distances from their destination warehouse.

Manufacturing Process Controller

this PC-based process controller can learn the behavior of a process with respect to disturbances in parameters, and after it has learned such behavior, institute predictive controls so that process overshoots and under-shots are minimized. the result is a finer quality control and a finer quality product.

Power Monitor and Manager

this PC-based system measures 3-phase voltage, current, real power, reactive power, power factor, and so on. when desired, it is able to send signals to bring in corrective power factor capacitors, and other functions.

Electrical Peak Demand Manager

this inexpensive stand-alone device simply monitors the power system in a predetermined zone, so that electric motors are not allowed to start at the same time.

"Go To and Track" Newtonian Telescope

the respective positions of celestial bodies are stored in a database and the coordinates of their position at any given time and date of the year are predicted. a user simply enters a "GO TO ...a celestial body" and the newtonian telescope will point itself to it and track it, whether it is visible or not.