Emergency Medical, Health, and Social
Life-Saver: Remote ECG

this driving force brings patients in remote locations no farther than 5 minutes away from a cardiac specialist. the system analyzes the patient's waveforms and provides a preliminary diagnosis for life-threatening conditions so that an emergency drug could be administered.

Voice-Operated Hospital Bed

patients are often left to suffer discomfort because of the lack of supply of health care staff. this hospital bed responds to voice OR manual commands to adjust the inclinations of the head, knee and feet.

Braille for Personal Computers

alone, and within the silence of a workplace, a blind person can read or write a book without the assistance of anybody. all these within "command-prompt" MSDOS or LINUX, without using expensive hardware or software.

Exhaust Gas Monitoring for Vehicles

this PC-based system enables a test engineer to tune an internal combustion engine to its near optimum efficiency over a wider range than is commonly available today.

Quantified Heavy Rain Forecasting System

the greater metro manila area is a disaster area after a downpour of 20 mm of rain dropping over a period of one hour. this forecasting methodology for "heavy rains" is able to provide an estimate of when it would arrive at a specific location, how much rain would be dropped, and for how long this would happen. it has a relatively reliable record over a lead time of about 8 hours or less.