Automated (AI) House

the automated house, also called the AI House, is assigned the functions of security, comfort, mood, and communication. the security function recognizes occupants' voices, provide info to a logged-in user anywhere there is (a) internet connection, or (b) SMS messaging. comfort cooling, music to play, loudness, etc., may be set locally, or through the internet, or via SMS messaging.

DCS-Controlled Automated Space

this SCADA project mimicked a "distributed control system" (DCS) by way of 5 PCs. it plots the operating cost in units of currency per unit of time, to consider all costs, such as billing rates for each staff, energy consumption, etc.

Remote Video Surveillance using Radio Control

this system makes use of a remote controlled toy tank. the wireless camera is attached to the tank's turret. it could be a security tool for banks, or may be used to inspect a hazardous area where personnel may be unduly exposed to danger. and it can also be controlled via the internet.

Smart HVAC System

measures dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures, air-flow using the hot wire method and provides the appropriate corrections to bring the conditions of a room to their desired comfort conditions.


feasibility study up to bid evaluation of an "energy estate" to generate 65 MW(e) of electricity and 42 MW(th) of heat to produce chilled water at 6 degrees Celsius.