CE 150 - Computer Interfacing (School Year 2008 to 09)
                 featuring projects of the graduating Fifth Year
                 Computer Engineering Students

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CE150 Interfacing Class
Brainstorming Session
17 June 2008
CTC 219

Meeting Norms

1. The wilder the better.
2. No judgements
   -questions of clarification
3. Building on an idea is encouraged
4. If something is worth thinking about, it is worth saying.

 hydrogen generation
 from solar energy
 water to H2
 store and transport energy
 tracking system for devices
 generate Minus One by eliminating the vocals
 material to coat lenses to become scratch-free
 revolutionized incinerator w/o pollution or waste materials
 automatic face recognition
 Substance to filter out smells and convert then to oxygen 
  for consumption.
 Temperature sensors that sends sms "dinner ready."
 Shutdown after downloading and send sms.
 Bring back your thought during mental block.
 Substance or device to put on sole of shoes para hindi 
  ka madulas.
 Relay strong signal from window to inside of house where 
  signal is low.
 Car with auto-driver for driver who falls asleep
  - slow down + hazard
  - standard w/airbag
 Universal remote programmable controller - psp firmware
 Learning controller programmable
 Automatic controller that detects a conversation and then 
  lowers music, etc
 Board that captures writings and save as pdf or other 
 Grocery check-out system that automatically debits amount 
  from your account
 Cellfone/printer - insert 1x1 and get a picture out
 Pixel at ion on the board