So, a handful of PS 141 students gathered in an air-conditioned room during our first session. What did we do? Brainstorm. Brainstorm. And then some. Looking back on our original lofty ideas, it's a wonder we decided to come up with this Panda-on-wheels project.

Teleportation. Robots that play a game of soccer. A cell phone printer that runs on the ticker tape of the cash register. Voice-activated switches. Lights that dimmed and brightened with respect to the room's brightness. Spider-bots. Remote-controlled car (Not the small one, more like a Toyota or Honda).

A Panda that moves toward a sound, and was computer controlled.

Of course, it has to be the cute one. :o) That, and the other ideas were way out of the ballpark. Sir turned the idea into a blueprint, and we, the Panda Group, have the task of putting this idea into life.

Funny. Now that I mention it, those things don't seem very far behind. Ah, the wonders of microchips and a bit of wire. ZOOM! The car moves forward at the push of a button. !MOOZ The car moves backward again, on our command. It's magic! You never appreciate how a button works, until you actually make the thing.

It's tedious checking each and every circuit. It's frustrating too when something goes wrong, after you've checked it. With a bit of help from Sir Calasanz, and a bit of axle grease, spit n' polish, you finally realize that li'l mistake you didn't see, or that chip that burned out. But hey, when a car YOU'VE made zooms back and forth like that - what a RUSH!

That's your cute little Panda-with-wheels-for-feet baby out there! Look how much he's grown!

That's what happens when you get attached to the things you build. It's not uncommon to see these budding students swell with pride when something happens. And this group… no exception. We take pride in our Panda. We hope you will too.

PS 141, SY 2004-2005, The Panda Group, presents to you… Our beloved panda!

Our special thanks to Sir Calasanz, Sir Oppus, and Mang Sonny for your invaluable help.