Project Turnover Ceremonies (back to CE 150 page)

On Thursday, 03 October 2002, the three sections of CE 150  have jointly presented their projects to the members of the faculty of the ECCE Program and of other schools.   Many of our friends in the industry have also come to witness the development of technology at the Ateneo de Manila University.

I quote our department head in the lines below:

I also quote the MIS Director
    Hi Arsol,

    I commend your group for such wonderful project outputs. I was truly impressed at how the students picked up the concepts and principles and applied these to practical day-to-day scenarios.

    I also commend their mentors for the guidance and support that they gave our students.

    All the best!

    Rose A. Banzon
    MIS Director, Loyola Schools
    Ateneo de Manila University

04 Oct 2002