CE 150 Methodology (sy2002-3 1st Sem)

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1. Methodology and Rationale.
    1.1. The course is designed to be "interactive", so that questions are provided immediate answers.

    1.2. Teachers are active participants, not only in the students’ learning process, but also in their own. They assume the role of facilitators and resource persons.

    1.3. Various human resource principles have been incorporated into the pedagogy, as follows:
    • Freedom to Think - The classroom is the platform for the growth of human beings. Teachers manage this platform in such a way that they facilitate the creation of an environment where the human being’s freedom to think is unleashed and enhanced.
    • Theory Z - The group performs best if they participate in all aspects of the decision-making and implementation of a project.
    • Signature - Each person wants to be part of a successful project, and affixes his signature, so to speak, to it.
    • Ownership - Each person or group wants to be accountable for everything about a project, be it success or failure.
    • Motivation - The rate of learning with respect to time directly affects motivation.
    • Milestones - Milestones and time frames are provided, so participants can appreciate their progress.
    • Human Interaction - The professional workplace requires tight and effective coordination and marketing.

2. Details of the Planning Process.
    A planning process starts off this pedagogy for the CE 150 class. The purpose of this planning process is for the students to define projects they want to build, and in the process, enjoy and master the theoretical bases for the combination of circuits and/or software. The planning process ends with the students freely grouping themselves and chosing the project and taking the accountability for the individual modules of their choice.

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    Then, the projects are broken down into smaller tasks, and given "start" and "completion" dates. "Milestone" and "system commissioning" dates are agreed upon.

    They select group leaders and agree among themselves who would be responsible for which module.

    Review meetings with all the group leaders are scheduled to take place every Thursday morning at 10:00 AM.